The AF30 Adjustable Bed is a dual motion wall hugger design with a wireless control system and a choice of fabrics. The AF30 offers an auto-flat position, zero gravity,

2 programmable favourite positions,

4 pre-programmed massage waves and 10 massage levels. 

Side rail options to assist getting in and out of bed are available along with a 10 Year Warranty.

With your choice of medium of soft Visco Gel Mazon Mattress. Mazon Mattresses are made of a high density, open cell material that contours to pressure and responds to temperature, providing a feeling of weightlessness. This combination of responsive qualities effectively relieves pressure from your back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet, giving a new meaning to sleep.

Long Single Size           $3399

King Single Size           $3499

Queen Size                  $4999

Super King Size          $6699

The MV250 Gel Infused mattress is ideal for those wanting a cooler, plush sleep with maximum comfort, high pressure relief and full body support.

The MV250 Gel Infused mattress is high density 84kg3 visco elastic with G5 gel infusion technology, which is allergen and dust mite resistant.


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