Fabric layer

To help keep your mattress clean and fresh, we use a blended fabric layer of bamboo and Tyvek® in all our designs. Bamboo is a natural material with high breathability, which helps give your mattress a cool and refreshing quality. The Tyvek® blend allows the fabric to breathe, while also providing a protective layer that prevents mites and other bed bugs from entering your mattress. This unique blend of fabric helps extend your mattress life by keeping it fresh and free from pests.

Comfort layer

Dreamland mattresses are available in a range of comfort layers so you can choose your ideal level of softness to prevent aches and pains and feel like you are floating on a cloud. Our comfort layers use in-sprung and foam blends to give the greatest support and comfort while sleeping. The range of foam layers includes:

  • Pillow soft foam
  • Gel infused memory foam
  • Mini Sprung
  • Latex
  • Support layer

Our lower-cost mattresses are made of the traditional bonnel spring, continuous spring or open coil spring systems and most include encased foam on the sides for additional edge support.

Each of our premium mattresses is built with a highly specialised pocket spring system designed to minimise partner disturbance and roll-together. They also feature up to seven zones with different levels of support to provide a more natural resting position while you sleep.

All mattresses are quality tested to meet our high standards and ensure a good night’s sleep every time.