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SlumberZone - Retreat Model

Natural latex is used as a comfort layer in our retreat range which provides bundle of health benefits.It provides you responsive surface for pressure relief and appropriate support for your spine.Natural latex breathes which discourages build up of moisture and heat in the mattress.Latex in this bed is virtually dust mite resistant and possess anti microbial properties.This makes retreat range perfect for those who suffer from dust allergies.
The final layer of Retreat comprises of highly breathable designer fabric.Enjoy the benefits of comfort layers and luxury feel of fabric with Slumberzones retreat range.

RETREAT 2 -  As you know that one product that aids good Sleep is your Mattress.

Wake up totally refreshed every morning with Slumberzones 5 Zone Posture pro spring system which will eliminate Partner disturbance and will provide You more support where you need it most.
The pillow top in this mattress will enhance comfort level specially if you suffer low back pain.
Our Retreat 2 comprises with several other comfort layers which will give you Soft feel, maximum support and ultimate comfort.

High Density Foam encasing and natural latex adds lots of sleep benefits

Comes with Slumberzone’s 10 Year Warranty

Queen Size -1520mm*2020mm Full Bed Contact us for a Price

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Super King Size -1830mm*2020mm Full Bed Contact us for a Price

Full Bed Set = Mattress and Base

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